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Audio predavanja

Pathwork - audio predavanja


Lekcija br. 40 / Još o pronalaženju slika

Lekcija br. 41 / Slike, šteta koju čine

Lekcija br. 46 / Autoritet

Lekcija br. 89 / Emocionalni rast i njegova funkcija

Lekcija br. 157 / Beskonačne mogućnosti iskustva koja sprečava emocionalna zavisnost

Lekcija br. 190 / Važnost proživljavanja svih emocija


The Pathwork is a series of 258 Lectures channelled to Eva Pierrakos between 1957 until her death in 1979. The being (known only as the Guide) who channelled these inspiring lectures would give no details about itself, but rather asked those who heard and read the lectures to test their validity and relevance against their own reality. Read more...


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