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About Pathwork

The Pathwork is a series of 258 Lectures channelled to Eva Pierrakos between 1957 until her death in 1979. The being (known only as the Guide) who channelled these inspiring lectures would give no details about itself, but rather asked those who heard and read the lectures to test their validity and relevance against their own reality.

The Lectures themselves as spiritual lessons are not new in content, although the weaving together of psychological insight with practical guidance is effective and helpful. The in-depth methods of self-examination, suggested by the Guide, to uncover blocks, delusions, misperceptions – our shadow selves and obscuring childhood wounds, have a profundity and impact which resonate today and which can help enormously to reveal step by step, our true and beautiful essences and divine core selves.

Many spiritual paths focus on the ways in which we can access the peace and tranquillity of the timeless spiritual essence, but the Pathwork states that without looking honestly and openly at those aspects of ourselves which stand in the way of reaching this essence, we are thrown back again and again into the shadows of the lower personality and the ego. The Pathwork unifies all aspects of our being – the mask self, the lower self and the higher (or true) Self, and empowers us to reclaim the positive life energy which lies behind the distorted forms.

Moreover, the Pathwork stays focused in the present. We start from where we are now, with the daily difficulties and conflicts which enlighten us, after close examination, as to what stands in the way of our realisation of our birthright - joy, happiness, true creative power and peace. We are discouraged from skipping steps, from looking away from the darker areas of ourselves, or those places which cause pain and shame. Yet as we work with this path, we feel a renewal of self-acceptance and self-respect, of truly justified hope and of connection with all that is.

An excerpt from one of the Lectures – 190 – The Importance of feeling all feelings, Including Fear, shows just how we may experience and then traverse safely the difficult feelings we all share and come to the positive and creative life-force below these feelings:

Through the gateway of feeling your weakness
lies your strength;
Through the gateway of feeling your pain
lies your pleasure and joy;
Through the gateway of feeling your fear
lies your security and safety;
Through the gateway of feeling your loneliness
lies your capacity to have
fulfillment, love and companionship;
Through the gateway of feeling your hate
lies your capacity to love;
Through the gateway of feeling your hopelessness
lies true and justified hope;
Through the gateway of accepting the lacks of
your childhood
lies your fulfillment now..

We are thus encouraged to claim ALL the energy of feelings we may have blocked off for years. And yet we do not dwell on them with guilt or self-beating. Rather, we see these for what they are – temporary distortions which block out the true sun shining through. We may start this work by experiencing the childhood fears and wounds which we have buried and suppressed for years, placing a ‘protective’ mask upon these feelings and denying their existence as a defense against activating the pain of the past. However, the Guide points out that these feelings and their energy are in no way dormant, but continue to recreate again and again in the present, within our relationships, marriages, friendships, between nations and religions.

We do not need (nor should we) to do this work alone. In fact, it is recommended that we share our work with a trained and qualified ‘Helper’ who has been through a rigorous training in this path for many years. The Helper may work in one to one private sessions, or maybe with a small group of people wanting to follow this path and the teachings together. In this way, we may open to receive the support and love of others also willing to take down the defenses and really be who they are. This is a wonderful and exciting, also scary experience, particularly for those of us who are tired of living in the limited and restricted ‘normal’ day to day world of shallow social contact and concerns, with little or no real human heart connection.

The groups (and the session work) are experiential and enable participants to experience the power and truth of these teachings through practical group and/or one to one work.

All levels of our being are examined and experienced through the work on this path – not only the child levels where we may have blocked energy, but also on mental levels where our beliefs in poverty, fear, victimhood and powerlessness have formed fixed and rigid ‘images’ creating experiences in our outer life which are barren, loveless, joyless and poor.

Through a real commitment to working with ourselves, without dishonest subterfuge or cheap shortcuts, we experience the joy and delight of truly creating in our lives that which we long for and desire, and in an atmosphere of mutuality which benefits all with whom we come into contact. We learn true self-responsibility without blaming or impeaching others. And in this committed work, we can agree with the Guide’s words in lecture 212 –

“If you could truly perceive the value and significance of what each one
of you is doing, you would know a deep joy.”

As we progress in self-knowledge and self-respect, we can begin to sense our own guidance and the support of our soul, and this inspires and nourishes us, as we learn to connect with it on a regular basis. We learn how to create in a positive and life-enhancing way, and leave behind patterns of self-destructive and self-punishing behaviour. We learn the power and beauty of choice and intention, and how to align this with the divinity of our core-selves. We become the humans we were meant to be – free, happy, creative, fulfilled and in tune with Nature of which we are in integral part. We become more whole!

As we work more deeply, we reach those parts of us which may recognize the words of the Guide about true reality:

The Grace of God IS. It exists at all times, penetrating all that is. It exists in the very nature of ultimate reality which is thoroughly benign... Truly, you cannot help but live in the grace of God. The very air you breathe is permeated with it. Every substance of life, on all levels – from the finest vibrations and radiations to the crudest matter -- is permeated with it. The very world you live in, the universe, all of creation, the way divine law is constructed, all are an expression of divine grace. You live and move and have your being in a universe that consists of such tenderness, such love, such personal care of the living God, of the eternal presence in all that is, that it simply defies description. You are surrounded by a universe in which there is simply nothing ever to fear -- no matter what momentary appearances may be ...

Nor do we need to be members of any organised religion in order to benefit from the pathwork. There is no requirement for this, although the Guide does use conventional Christian terms and concepts in the Lectures. We come to a sense of safety and happiness through the realisation and acceptance of our simple but unique humanity – a state of joy in the reality of now.

In this day and age, where many are tempted to see and feel fear and threat as the ‘only’ reality, the Pathwork encourages and supports us to KNOW that the love that we all have and share within, is indeed the only truthful reality. Through working with intent and commitment on this path, we come to experience who we truly are – beings of light, truth and love, longing to give this out in the world.


Pathwork je serija od 258 predavanja koje je Eva Pierrakos kanalisala od 1957. godine pa sve do svoje smrti 1979. Biće koje je predalo ova inspirativna predavanja, (poznato jedino pod nazivom Vodič), nije želelo da otkrije podatke o sebi, već je radije zatražilo od onih koji su čuli i čitali predavanja da ispitaju njihovu validnost i značaj u sopstvenoj realnosti. Opširnije...


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